Soup is a great way to add additional veg to your diet, and fresh soup tastes far superior than tinned versions and healthier since you control any added salt and sugar.  Soups that are blended down are a great way of hiding veg, and if you slowly add vegetables that you don’t like to a soup you do like, you can slowly retrain your taste buds to like (or at least tolerate) the new foods

Stoup is another version of soup but with really chunky veg, one of Susan’s favourite is from River cottage- ‘much more veg’  a fragrant veg stoup.  This filling stoup is around 339 calories per portion, 105% of vitamin A and 53% of vitamin C and a good 26% of fibre.

There are many tasty soup recipes but many come with a long list of ingredients which puts people off, for a treat Susan purchased a soup recipe bag which came with all the ingredients apart from oil and water, and with many spices involved in this soup, it saves purchasing many different spices.  The soup bags change on a weekly basis and Susan tried their Indian Cauliflower and spinach soup – though the consistency is more of a stoup.  It was a very tasty soup, with the spicy heat not too overpowering. At around 140 calories per portion its more of a light lunch, and with two grown lads Susan would probably add a tin of chickpeas in future to make it more filling. The tomato haters in the family didn’t realise there was chopped tomato on their bowl.    A bowl provides 13% of your daily iron and 15% of your daily potassium, low in carbohydrates and 48% of your daily fibre requirements.



Better You Products

Better You products are popular with many being in a convenient spray form.

Vitamin D

Essential for calcium absorption, maintaining healthy bones and teeth, supporting a healthy immune system and contributing to normal muscle function.  Vitamin D is recommended in the UK for many individuals, during the winter months.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a notoriously difficult to absorb through diet alone for many individuals. It is essential to support cognitive function and plays an important role in ensuring healthy red blood cell formation, proven to help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Vegans often need to supplement B12 if not consuming fortified products.


Very popular with runners to help their muscles after a run and for individuals with restless legs.


Note: Information on products does not constitute advice, if you require personal recommendations on products and dosages please make an appointment with Susan.