Did you know that what you eat and stress reduction techniques may help you reduce your menopausal symptoms?

Common symptoms of the menopause include hot flushes, mood swings, decreased libido, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and many more. These symptoms can be a huge challenge for many women and others apparently, sail through the menopause with few or no symptoms! As the hormones change this can also effect your joints, your muscles , menopausal tendonitis/arthritis.   Oestrogen is the WD40 of the body, and without it, in some women the soft connective tissue goes hard and brittle. Quite often its the women that are not effected with hot flushes , sleepless nights get to around 50/55  thinking yeah I’ve got through this are the ones that are more likely to suffer from this. Always see your GP to rule out any other causes before you assume it’s just another symptom of the menopause.

What can you do as self help?



You could also consult a nutritional therapist to carry out a dietary evaluation, as they will be able to work out from your diet history – past and present – how to improve what you are eating, what foods to avoid or if you are low in certain food groups such as protein or other nutrients that may help reduce your menopausal symptoms. – Quote menopause to receive 10% off the standard quick diet review price.

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