The benefits of strength training and exercise for health, losing weight and blood sugar levels

Exercise both aerobic and strength training  is important to overall health both now and in the future .

Having strong muscles is important, firstly the mitochondria ,the power houses of cells which convert glucose into heat and energy are found in our muscles.  Strength building exercises together with interval training will increase the number of mitochondria and in turn increase resting metabolism. Fit people tend to have a raised metabolism for two reasons, a higher level of lean mass and a greater number of mitochondria within the cells.   Interval training  has been shown to provide the greatest increase in mitochondria in the muscle cells, however do not undertake an  intensive exercise program unless you are currently exercising, you will need to increase your activity slowly.

The uptake of glucose from our blood stream is faster from trained muscles, this is important for those with insulin resistance or type II diabetes to remove the glucose from the blood stream as fast as possible.  When you exercise your body uses the glycogen stored in the muscles, the hour after exercise is the prime time for these depleted stores to be refilled and for those with blood sugar problems such as insulin resistance and type II diabetes, this is the time to consume your daily carbohydrates, since the blood sugars will be moved into the muscles to be stored as glycogen.



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