Vitamins and supplements

 Choose your product careful, Vitamins and supplements are not medicines, they only work if you have a deficiency (though some can have toxic effects if you take to much), for many if your body does not require them you just have expensive wee, this is why I don’t recommend multi vitamins for the general adult population, its a bit like spreading a variety of grass seed on a patch of bare grass and hoping you need one of them. Its far better to find out which vitamins and supplements you need if any and take that specific one at a dose you require, multi vitamins very rarely have sufficient dose to correct a deficiency.
There are ‘organic’ and ‘inorganic’ minerals, minerals found in supplements that are described as sulphates, oxides, carbonates or artificial chelates are ‘inorganic’ which means they rarely occur in the plant or animal kingdom. Minerals in the form of gluconates, phosphates, citrates, lactates, aspartetes are called ‘organic’ minerals because they do occur naturally in the plant or animal kingdom, and therefore in food.
The organic mineral form is thought to be more easily recognized by the body as food, and therefore to be more easily taken up by the body as food, and therefore more easily taken up into the blood stream and into cellular systems.
Contact Susan for a  postal diet review which can quickly see if you have any noticeable deficiencies that may be contributing to your symptoms or a full review which can be carried out be post/ e-mail/ skye or in person can look at any deficiencies and ways to change your diet to increase foods containing the vital vitamins and minerals your body needs.