Long Covid – What do we know so far?

Who is it effecting?

It can affect anyone even those with mild/ asymptomatic symptoms.

In the UK the main age group its effecting is the 30-55 and 5:1 are women.

Many already have underlying health conditions and its effecting this group up to 40 times more: – conditions such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome, Inflammatory conditions, Atopic disease, Auto Immune disease.  In addition, those that have high stress lifestyles (amateur athletes, high income/pressure jobs/ balancing too much – this group many describes themselves as healthy before Covid).

Main symptoms

  1. Fatigue
  2. Breathlessness
  3. Headache
  4. Non-specific neurological symptoms
  5. Heart Palpitations or irregularities
  6. Digestive disturbances

All medical tests and normally normal

NICE:-  Are currently engaged  in defining symptom ‘clusters’ , NHS approach likely to be focused on:-

  1. After effects of intensive care
  2. Lasting organ damage
  3. Symptoms that vary around the body
  4. Post Viral fatigue

What a nutritional therapist can help with

Nutritional therapists will primarily deal with those in group 4 – Post Viral fatigue, looking at diet and any nutritional deficiencies that may be there.  Post Viral fatigue is one area that normally requires supplemental nutritional  support initially together with lifestyle adaptations.