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Fertility and flame retardant chemicals

Couples undergoing IVF have been advised to choose furniture without flame retardant chemicals, after a study suggested they could prevent pregnancy. Harvard University researchers looked at urine samples from 211 women having fertility treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital. 8 in 10 had traces of flame retardants (known as PFRs) in their samples. Those with the highest levels were 40% less likely to become pregnant or have a live birth. The levels of organophosphate flame retardants measured in British cars are thought to be among the highest in the world. Senior study author Dr Russ Hauser said “Couples undergoing IVF and trying to improve their chances of success by reducing exposure to chemicals, may want to opt for products that are flame retardant-free.” The lead author was Dr Courtney Carignan. Published in “Environmental Health Perspectives” journal. Reported in the Daily Telegraph, 25/8/17